Psychological Security

April 30th, 2013, 8am

Did you ever notice that in most malls in India, why are the so called security staff stops your car and puts a mirror below the bonnet and asks you to open your boot space? It is just a psychological and not physical checking. You may have noticed no one is asked to remove anything from the boot space nor can they see anything under the bonnet – even if you have planted a bomb. When you enter into the mall from the main gate, you are frisked, your bags are checked but you are never asked what it is inside the bags even if you have a bomb to plant. Can we call this a corruption of laxity? Yes, because each one of you are vulnerable to such a lax security check and will blame the police when something happens. But at the same time, corruption is in each one us because we are not used to being asked by a lower level security staff to show them what we have inside our cars and bags. So this system of convenience goes on

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Binu Alex

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