October 11th, 2015, 3am

It was 19°C with nil significant cloud. The breeze was light.

I can’t drain the sound out of Sadness crying. It’s not even that sad, I mean she didn’t even KNOW the guy. So one of Riley’s new friend sadly passed away today. Unfortunately. Anger’s still ‘par-tay-in’ ’ with all the Movie Success stuff but still he could show a LITTLE sympathy maybe? Or maybe he’s just an apathetic moron. I think the latter! So when a person dies his emotions Dissipate and they just fade away. All except one. I’m glad the other ones have gone because the one that’s left wasn’t as annoying as the rest. We call him ‘The Other Guy’ because if we called him Disgust… That would be kind of weird so. The Other Guy managed to escape to one of the Dissipation Camps (the one in Transylvania I think… He was meant to go to the one in Minnesota but he took the wrong flight lol). That’s where Emotions go when they get left behind. Poor other guy!!!!! :) Bye!!!!!!!! :)

Frankie said thanks.

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