November 17th, 2014, 3pm

It was 8.8°C with overcast. The breeze was light.

There will be only that. The demand will be so high… that there will be answers only. Texts will be the answers all in all. I believe that humans will be literally drowned; in informations, in a permanent information; about their body, the future of their body; about their health, their family life, about their salary, their leisure time. It will be quite close from nightmare. There will be nobody to read anymore.

And men will watch tvs. There will be screens everywhere, in the kitchen, in the toilets, in the office, in the street. Where will then be a man during watching at screens? Where are we, we are not alone1.

One will not travel anymore, it will not be worth for it when one can travel around the world in 4 or 15 days. Why do it? In a voyage one find the time of the journey, which is not to see fast, but is to see and to live at the same time. To live through the journey will not be possible anymore: everything will be surrounded, everything will be closed2. Everything but the sea and the ocean3, everything but the reading.

Marguerie Duras, Interview on how the man will face questioning in 2000s, 19854.

From the wrong can sometimes arise the right. This is what happened to me when I discovered yesterday this quotation of Duras. I was not so much struck by the fact that Duras had forseen part of our modern digital life, than by the fact that tools we make finally endow our own salvation: there have never been as many people writing about themselves, connecting with others and opening to the world as there are since the multiplication of screens.

Nothing else than Duras’ words would have better described what it means to embrace a Hi’s moment.

  1. And then you remember Mao’s China with music in the street everywhere. 

  2. And then you remember to travel by train. 

  3. And then one remember Deleuze. 

  4. Video interview in (french)

David Wade and Christine said thanks.

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