August 26th, 2014, 2pm

Summer’s end is approaching. In San Francisco there won’t be much of a change. Maybe a few less tourists, a few more college kids walking up and down the street where I live, but nothing that dramatic. Here on Martha’s Vineyard, where I grew up, the change is much more noticeable. By now most of the college kids who came to work summer jobs have already left. Many of the business that cater to tourists will be closed after Labor Day weekend. The population will go from roughly 100,000 during the peak of summer to less than 20,000 during the winter. Last week, the week of the Agricultural Fair, fireworks, and Illumination was the pinnacle of the summer, but it also signal summer’s inevitable end and the return to a quieter way of life.

David Wade and Christine said thanks.

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Michael Silva

a somewhat undisciplined existence.

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