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September 20th, 2014, 9pm

It was 10°C with clouds and visibility OK. The wind was light.

We recently moved from a small town in the countryside to Edinburgh, and my associations with the city, and city life are alluring. Finally, I’m back in the bustle! Already, though, I’ve started hearing what people say about Glasgow: “Glasgow! West is best! Edinburgh’s full of English people!” (The fish and chip man, in our previous town). “Glasgow people can come off as a bit rough and abrupt at first, but in the end the only thing that matters is whether you’re a good guy” (Teacher living in Edinburgh). ‘“People in Edinburgh are good at being civil without necessarily being really friendly, and in Glasgow they’re friendly without necessarily being civil… It’s a place where foul language becomes terms of endearment’” (Baseball teammate, quoting a comedian). Intriguing as these reports sound, and I can’t deny waxing wistful here, I suspect this sign in Glasgow’s unglamorous East End was for me, saying I need to be somewhat more settled than I feel, and nearly twenty address changes in a decade is already a lot.

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