We had delicious lahmajune in an outdoor spot on Tumanyan Street as I people watched.

October 6th, 2013, 6am

It was 9°C with overcast.

The street fashion in Yerevan is something to behold. I’m accustomed to women putting great care and attention into their look, but the men here are just as sharply dressed.

Countless times during our strolls I’ve stopped to discreetly take a picture of this or that “attractive” man only to note that there isn’t anything especially striking about him, yet his attire and confident demeanor command attention.

I’m especially partial to the slim cut, tailored pants and blazer look and men here have definitely perfected the style. I.

I should note that even those who seemingly appear not to have great means, do much with little. But I’m not surprised. That’s the story of my people- we’re an innovative bunch.

Emanuel, Lia and Cassie said thanks.

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