Mistakes were made. Chapter 1: The Detective Esra jumped up with fright at the sound of the door knocking. She looked at the clock slowly - 4AM.

August 15th, 2016, 5pm

It was 24°C with clouds and visibility OK. The breeze was gentle.

Mistakes were made.

Chapter 1: The Detective Esra jumped up with fright at the sound of the door knocking. She looked at the clock slowly - 4AM. She placed her head against the cold, condensed window and looked down at the door. There was a man dressed in a brown trenchcoat and a leather hat stood on her doorstep. She slowly approached the door from the bottom of the stairs and unlocked it. As she opened the door, her fear was gone as she looked at the mysterious figure who was standing in front of her. She was overwhelmed by a feeling in which she had never felt, it felt like they were meant to meet right here at this moment. He was about five foot five with brown hair and a nice average figure - he had a tattoo on the back of his hand - a logo of some kind. He was smiling and looked very confident. ”Hello — Esra?” said the mysterious figure. ”Hello. How do you know my name?” Asked Esra in response - scared of what was going to happen. ”You’re going to have to come with me, I’m Detective Ross.” Esra was scared and mesmerised at the same time. She walked out wearing nothing put her pyjamas and a pair of slippers before getting into the back of the Detective’s car. ”So, what have I done wrong?” she asked. ”There was a murder shortly after 2:15am this morning and we’re going to ask you some questions back at the station” The detective replied. Esra looked flustered and somewhat scared of what was going on. She sat in the back, silent and watched as the Detective drove back towards the city. ”Who… who was murdered?” she asked, shocked. ”One of the local shop owners, Mr. Sajid” was the response - Esra didn’t believe it, she sat silent once more as the detective looked at her slowly. She felt somewhat exposed, yet somewhat excited to have met Detective Ross. As the car pulled to a stop outside of the Station, Esra stepped out of the car and stretched her legs. She followed Detective Ross into the Station, feeling a mixture of nervousness and excite. She sat down inside of the interrogation room and waited for about 3 minutes, before the Detective walked in. ”We’re just going to ask you a few questions, sit back and relax…”

Chapter 2: Interrogation As Esra sat there, trying to keep back the one question that kept going through her mind, over and over again, the detective asked her the one question she was dreading. ”Where were you tonight at 2:15am?” * She hesitated — which was a clear sign to the detective. *”Esra? Answer the questions, please.” The detective said ”I was at home - alone” Esra said, her head pointed to the ground. ”Okay. Did anyone see you that night or did you see any mysterious actions when you went to Mr. Sajid’s shop?” ”I never went to the shop, Detective.” ”That’s funny, because the CCTV caught a girl with your description about thirty minutes before the death of Mr. Sajid.” Esra froze once more, worried about what she was causing. ”I went to the shop for some milk but I saw nothing suspicious, then I walked home and went to bed.” Esra said, shakily. ”Alright. You wait here and I’ll return soon.” The Detective exclaimed. The Detective walked out of the room silently and Esra sat there, frozen. The night that started as a perfect night was slowly crumbling from the pressure Esra was feeling. She felt helpless - like the detective knew that something was going on. The detective walked back in and sat back down silently for about twenty seconds. ”Your alibi checks out.” The Detective said after the silence slowly died down. ”You’re free to go.” Esra stood up and smiled at the detective. As they walked out of the room together, the detective showed her out, ”I’ll drop you home.” ”Thanks” Esra replied. ”Weird question, but are you free tomorrow for dinner?” The detective looked at her. He put his hand on her face and smiled, ”Give me a time and a place.” She smiled and they got in the car. It was a silent drive home and it took less time than Esra had first expected. She got out of the car, flashed one final smile towards the Detective and walked into her home. She sat in the chair and stopped, ”What have I done?” she thought to herself. ”I can’t date him!” Her eyes closed… Heavy… Tired. She drifted into sleep

Chapter 3: Dinner Esra stood in the mirror, applying all of her makeup. She was so desperate to impress the Detective, she couldn’t think of anything except him. There was a knock at the door. ”Come in, it’s open!” she shouted He walked in and closed the door behind him. He slowly walked up the stairs and towards Esra’s bedroom. As he opened the door, Esra looked behind her ”Oh. I thought you were someone else.” she exclaimed. ”Why would I be?” said Peter ”What are you doing here, Peter? I thought you were on holiday?” ”I was. I came back early when I heard what happened.” ”What happened?” Asked Esra. The Detective walked in and up the stairs quietly, suspicious of who Esra was talking to. ”You know, you and Mr. Sajid” ”Don’t mention it, I’ve got a detective coming around, he’s taking me out.” ”So they don’t know you did it?” ”I didn’t kill him… I mean.. I don’t think.” The detective walked back downstairs and out of the door. He knocked and walked in again. ”Hello?” he shouted. ”Upstairs!” replied Esra. The detective walked upstairs, fuzzy headed and into Esra’s room. ”You look beautiful, shall we go?” ”Sure.” As they walked out, the detective turned his radio on. They got in the car and the detective started driving. ”You’re going the wrong way.” Esra said, confused. ”I heard you upstairs, I’m sorry but it needs to be investigated.. I’m sorry.” Esra sat back, shocked and upset. ”O-Okay.” She gave up…

Chapter 4: Police Station They pulled up to the police station and Esra stepped out. The detective handcuffed her and led her to the interrogation room. ”Not many people enter this room twice.” They walked past Captain Mallard and the detective looked at him, ”We got a suspect.” He said, slightly upset about the events. As they went into the interrogation room, Esra and the detective sat down. ”Why did you lie?” The detective asked. ”Because… I love you.” she said, shyly. ”I’m sorry, but you can’t lie when it comes to this, Esra.” ”I know but I knew I’d go down, and I never knew if I’d meet you again.” The detective froze and smiled a bit. ”I would of waited for you, even if it was forever.” Esra smiled as she moved in for a kiss. The detective kissed her back as they had their first, and only passionate kiss. Esra put her hands out, ”Lead me to the cells, Detective.” As they walked to the cells, Esra said one thing, ”When I was younger, about 17, I met a guy called Jordan Ross, we dated for 3 years and then we broke up. You’re the first person I’ve met since him and I don’t want to meet anyone else.” The detective laughed, ”That’s a nice story. Your sentencing will begin tomorrow, I’m sorry.” As she stepped into the cells, she sat down and her eyes closed, she was tired and today’s events broke her. She slowly drifted into the world of imagination and dreams.

Chapter 5: The Cells. Esra woke up to the sound of the door opening, ”Detective?” The detective said nothing and grabbed her hand. He ran with her through the police station and out of the front doors, Captain Mallard following right behind them. ”Don’t do this detective!” he shouted. ”I’m sorry, Captain. I quit.” Esra smiled as she ran into the car. The detective drove off, going over the speed limit. ”Esra. That story that you told me yesterday, it struck a nerve in me. I couldn’t see you go down, because I love you too.” * *”You do?” ”Of course I do!” he said, confidently. Esra smiled and sat back in the seat, ”But why do all of this for me?” ”Because when I was 16, I met an awesome girl and I threw the chance away after 3 years. I couldn’t throw away yet another chance, Call me Jordan.” Esra sat up, instantly. ”Jordan?” He looked back, ”Hello Esra.” Esra gasped with excite. ”You’re.. You’re Jordan!?” she exclaimed. ”Yes. I am, and I am not throwing yet another chance with you away because of stupid work or school. This time, It’s serious.” Esra didn’t know what to say. He looked at her and couldn’t stop looking. Esra panicked suddenly. ”Watch ou-“ There was a loud crash and the car flipped onto it’s side. Esra fell and hit her head, smashing the side window. Jordan sat in the front, breathing heavily and looked back, ”Esra? Are you okay?” There was no response and Jordan panicked, calling for help. There was a deep and sudden breath from the back. Jordan kicked the front window and picked Esra up. He climbed out before pulling her out. As she lay there on the ground, Jordan cried. Jordan kissed her on the lips when he felt her kiss back. ”Esra! Look at me. This is the start of me and you… the start of us, our life… together.” When the ambulance arrived, they both got taken to hospital. When they awoke, they were right next to each other, I guess love is always sweeter the second time around…

Chapter 6: Too Real As Esra opened her eyes, she looked left. Jordan was lay next to her in an arm cast. She tried to move but was in too much pain. The nurse walked in with a wheelchair and sat Esra in the wheelchair. Esra tried to say thank you but her throat was burning and her eyes were too heavy. The nurse smiled as Jordan stood up and walked over to her. He kissed on the forehead, ”I am so sorry” he said, a tear dropping from his eye Esra was too weak to speak but she wanted to say that it was fine and that she loved him. He kissed her once more before pushing her out of the room and towards the outside. There was a taxi waiting for them as they both got in, Esra tried to cry, but the dehydration she was feeling made it pretty much impossible. ”Esra. I’ve booked us travel to Paris. I don’t know if you’re okay with this, but we need to get out of the city for a bit.” Esra tried to nod but her neck was in pain, Jordan saw her try and understood. He smiled as the taxi departed from the hospital. The drive there was silent, Jordan didn’t know what to say. He felt like this was all his fault. Esra grabbed his hand softly while trying to keep still. Jordan smiled and kissed her hand. She smiled back although he couldn’t see the smile. The taxi kept driving and Jordan sat on the seat, holding Esra’s hand. After a few more hours passed, they got to the coast where there was a ferry waiting to transport them and many other tourists back to France. ”Bonjour.” said a stranger from outside of the taxi. He helped them both get out before greeting them. ”Je M’appelle Tobias” he said, ”Bonjour Tobias. Merci pour votre aide.” Jordan replied. As they got on the ferry, they prepared for the longest ride of their life. Esra slowly starting getting a few feelings back and could say a few words now her throat was loosening a bit. Now all they had to do was wait to arrive at France. Esra was encouraged to stay silent until she was a bit stronger than what she was. She did as she was advised. Jordan felt guilty but was slowly beginning to realise he was being forgiven, but he also felt like he was slowly being forgotten. Jordan’s face was a mess from the tears - causing redness. Esra smiled slightly at him and tried to stand up, ”No. Remember what I told you.” Jordan said, quietly ”I can,” she took a deep breath ”do it, Jordan.” she said - wearily. As she slowly stood up, she collapsed under her own weight. Jordan caught her and kissed her on the forehead. ”I told you. Take it easy!” he snapped Esra was scared. ”We’re near Paris now. Hang in there.” He smiled at her and she smiled back - still frightened about the attitude. They both went to sleep, together again

Chapter 7: Paris The ferry arrived at France and came to a slow stop, Esra and Jordan looked at each other and smiled. “Here we are,” Said Jordan, grabbing his things. As Esra and Jordan departed from the Ferry, they said goodbye to some of the people they met along the way, ”Aurevoir.” Jordan said as he smiled at the lady getting off. Jordan placed the light weight suit cases in Esra’s lap, slowly starting to push the Wheelchair. He smiled at her and she tried to smile back, ”Esra. I love you.” Jordan said as he smiled. He gently pushed the wheelchair off the Ferry, smiling as he ran to get the rest of the suit cases. ”I booked us a very nice Beach-view hotel suite just for this occasion, and I have a very big surprise in a few days.” he exclaimed as she smiled at him. Jordan smiled back as he gently rubbed her shoulder, ”Wonderful” Esra replied. Jordan started to push the wheelchair again, tagging the suitcases along. As they arrived at the Suite, Jordan helped Esra get out of the wheelchair and into a normal chair. Esra smiled, as she said softly ”Thank you” Stroking Jordan’s hand. As Jordan walked out of the hotel room to go and get them some food and drink, he heard a crash in the hotel room and went running back to see what had happened, ”I told you not to try and walk, why do you never listen!” he snapped again, raising his hand but stopping, realising what he was doing. ”Sorry…” Esra said softly before slightly moving her feet, frightened of what he was about to do ”You just have to wait 12 more hours, then you get this body cast off.” He said, softly, a tear rolling down his cheek. As time passed by, not much was said between the pair of them, Jordan was ashamed and Esra was just plain terrified. Esra decided to break the silence, she said softly, ”It’s a beautiful day outside, don’t you think?” Jordan looked up at her, smiled and looked back down silently, Esra looked upset. ”Oh, come on. You have to agree?” She forwarded her eyes at his tilted head. Jordan just looked at her once again, silently, a tear rolling down his cheek, before softly saying, ”I’m sorry, Esra” he choked up a tiny bit. Esra frowned slightly, slightly moving closer to Jordan she glared into his eyes comfortingly. ”It’s okay Jordan… It isn’t your fault.” Jordan smiled at her before lying back on the bed, Esra did the same but in slight pain. Jordan stroked her hair as they both dozed off to sleep slowly.

Chapter 8: Day Two Esra was curled in Jordan’s arms all night long, it was 8:30 AM, the sun had just risen. As Jordan’s eyes slowly opened, he looked at Esra, ”You ready to start our life anew?” he asked ”Yes I am” she replied with a smile on her face - feeling stronger than she had been. Jordan smiled back, patting her lower back. ”Let’s go start breakfast, shall we?” Esra looked at him, ”Sure. Then to the hospital to remove this body-cast.” She smiled again. Jordan nodded and chuckled softly ”Sure thing.” As they walked down to the bar to get their food - Esra was making small steps and managing to withstand the pain and her weight. Jordan was supporting her with his hand on her back as they walked. Esra was happy and smiling as they sat there in the bar eating their breakfast, as Jordan finished, Esra was also just finishing. Jordan smiled as he left a tip for the waiter, grabbing Esra’s hand as they walked towards the exit. As they got into a taxi towards the hospital - Esra smiled at Jordan and Jordan smiled back, this was truly a happy time for both of them. They made their way towards the hospital room, Esra had a giant smile on her face. Jordan looked Esra dead in the eye and asked, ”Are you ready?” She replied, ”Forever and Always.” Jordan nodded and smirked, ”Here we go then” As they made their way into the hospital room, they were hand in hand and it felt to both of them like nothing could be better. Esra took a seat on the hospital bed, as they waited for the doctor and nurse to arrive. When they finally arrived, Esra got a tiny bit nervous, ”Will it hurt?” she asked The nurse replied, ”No. It won’t hurt a bit.” Jordan looked back at Esra and said, ”This is one of the best Christmas presents ever. Only three weeks until christmas.” Esra smiled and laughed a bit as the nurse lay her down on the bed and started to remove the body-cast. When they had finished, Esra and Jordan took a slow walk out of the hospital and back into the taxi, ”Can you take us back to the hotel, please.” Jordan asked The taxi driver turned to them and said, ”Sure.” Esra placed her hand in Jordan’s as the Taxi driver made his way to the Hotel. When they finally arrived back at the hotel, Jordan and Esra walked in and straight to their room. From there, they stayed in all night doing what couples do before finally going to sleep.

Chapter 9: For the Long Haul. As nearly three weeks passed, they didn’t do much - just admired Paris, the most romantic place on Earth. They enjoyed each others company and enjoyed the love they felt for each other. As they both woke up on Christmas Eve, they were dressed and out of the house quite quickly, heading towards the Eiffel Tower to see the sights. Esra and Jordan were laughing together, pointing out birds and odd looking clouds. Jordan was laughing a lot on that day - it seemed he was in a better mood than usual, or atleast the mood when he raised his hand to her. Esra was just as happy, maybe happier. Little did Esra know that Jordan had one final trick up his sleeve, something that she would never have expected. As they got to the Eiffel Tower - Jordan turned to Esra and said, ”I’ve got a surprise for you.” Esra smiled - ”And what would that be?” As Jordan stood next to the Christmas tree, he grabbed a box from his pocket, ”Esra, you’ve made me the happiest man on earth for the last 3 months, and I only have one question for you, it might be too fast, or too slow, or forward, but I can’t imagine life without you, no matter how much I mess up along the way, I want to mess up.. with you.” Esra gasped as Jordan got down on one knee, ”Esra -“ Esra stopped him suddenly. ”Me first, babe.” she replied ”Oh. Okay” Jordan said, nervously. Esra looked around at everyone who was looking at them - ”I’m pregnant.” she exclaimed. Jordan gasped, ”Esra, I can’t imagine growing old with anyone else, nor do I want to. So,” there was a long pause, ”Will you marry me?” He asked - smiling. Esra laughed, ”Well, what else would I say? - Yes!” she shouted. Everyone cheered as they indulged in a very passionate kiss. As they walked back home again, they arrived and had a passionate night together before slowly dozing off again to sleep waiting for Christmas to arrive. I guess the second time, the long haul is the only choice…

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