I really am a man child

July 10th, 2016, 3am

It was 12°C with few clouds. The breeze was gentle.

So spent a good part of today playing badminton with Tommy, Deved, DN and Vivian.

Yes, I play badminton. What sort of self respecting China man doesn’t play badminton?

Forgot how bad I was at it.

Also forgot how unfit I was. Maybe I should get back into swimming?

Rounded off with some Pokemon Go. Only got it yesterday but as it was raining only really used it today. Level 5 after the trip.

Tried to watch Robotics Notes and failed. Just too hyped for ReZero. Played some more Overwatch competitive instead of Senran Kagura. That was a mistake…

Hmm, oh yea got Shaymin from the event.

Cass invited me to her Lol game. It was fun, nice getting my ass handed to me but it’s refreshing to switch out of Ahri once in a while.

Oh yea Charlie finally got Overwatvh so our team is almost complete.

Was able to do some quick sketches before sleeping however. That was nice.

On a sour note though, spent much of the night reading up on the Dallas shootings. Man not really the best sleeping material. Should have stuck with John Oliver.

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Alan Wen

Some uni student, gonna just be recounting some life events and my everyday.

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