Barefoot: a rooftop in Brooklyn. Checked time at exactly 1:11am Friday 13th. Learned something new about me, confirming old.

July 15th, 2004, 12pm

Sometimes, either my phone or ‘Hi’ breaks and improvising becomes necessary in order to post/save sketch. For some reason, couldn’t upload appropriate photo here, and it wouldn’t work photo-less. Thus, dear reader, you get to see a random old photo of a goat that once followed me through the Olympic Mountains in Washington.

In reality, I just came down off a rooftop in Brooklyn.

Rode a large ceramic whale, slid down it’s back.

Ate fish tacos outside in the rain next to a fountain in a Spanish-style courtyard in a sports bar on Driggs Ave.

Salsa dancing for the security camera in a park next to historic ruins at midnight.

Rooftop, flask of rum. Skyline, dim stars, and lengthy insightful conversation. Life paths, histories and dreams explored….

Suddenly, I can concisely articulate why I feel I finally found my calling in tech startups: I’ve always wanted to change the world, incite action, expand minds, change people. As a musician and artist, I found I was only preaching to the choir.

Finally, I’m not preaching to the choir; I can spark new flames, reach the wise but complacent, move the comfortable! I recently attended some uber-geeky conferences - schedules full of “Ubuntu” and “MySql” talks - and I ran sessions on activism and technology. As a child, I protected geeks from bullies and wrote anti-war poetry. In the middle, I organized arts festivals and performed social political songs. Now, founder of a tech startup?

Suddenly, my path is not all a disjointed mess, a life of fleeting fancies but connected thread of incredibly logical progressions that led me here…..

To this rooftop. In Brooklyn.

With a man I met a month ago at a ‘tech’ conference in Palm Springs who will be similarly crashing on MY couch in Portland next week when he comes out for another conference.

“Rooftop epiphanies! A full-circle connected Universe!” I proclaim. Grounding myself: “Hey, what time is it?” “1:11 am… on Friday the 13th” he utters, a bit in awe. No really. We have a screenshot I’d love to upload here, but can’t. 1:11am on Friday the 13th, rooftop epiphanies with new friends for random places.

Cassie and Kristen said thanks.

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Lindsay Caron

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