Krampus Party. Dress Code: Chewbacca and Tails (horns optional).

December 6th, 2014, 5pm

What the devil have I done? Two friends are coming up for a dose of Dolomite air and Brixen’s Christmas market. I’m taking them to a Krampus Party. Gladys is Chinese-Malay. Beatriz is Honduran. Good thing we’re all game.

Neustift-Novacella is a medieval, vineyard town with an abbey, in a valley, 35 mins on foot from Brixen (or quicker on the Number 3 bus). Saturday happens to be the Feast of St Nicholas, with a procession for kids, the original naughty-or-nice gift giving gig…

…and an antagonist every good story needs.

In this case, likely used back then to frighten kids before < insert distracting mobile device > could be confiscated, is dear, devillish Krampus. I remember you from my own childhood (Croatian recreations of the same Pre Christmas event for kids). Being in Australia, and the middle of Summer, our Christmas picnic involved waterbomb ambushes of sugar-rushed kids upon some man, dressed like the predecessor of modern MAMILs (Middle Aged Men in Lycra). This one’s a furry version (it’s pretty cold here). Gets around on a tractor these days, too, it seems. I think ours was in the back of a ute (utility truck)!


My last local event was Törggelen, a post-wine harvest celebration of new wine and roasted chestnuts. The highly hoped for accordion come out! Again, a hark back to my Croatian folklore dancing days. Nothing like a squeeze box to set the mood.

The fun starts with Krampuslauf (a run) as dark falls (5pm — ooh) along the Eisack river. Nikolaus arrives at 6. The Krampus After Party from 10. DJ and all!

I wonder if we should wear bretzels in our hair… (Cue Star Wars Theme)

Photo credit: Krampusse Neustift Facebook event page.

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