I did a three week photography tour around South East Asia and managed it with only hand luggage. I rock.

November 24th, 2012, 12pm

When I went to Malaysia, I was mainly staying in Kuala Lumpur, but myself and my good friend and photographer Danny Xeero took a day trip down to Malacca / Melaka to catch the sunset.

I got some standard shots of this, the Malacca Straits Mosque, then I decided I would experiment with my 10-stop ND filter. I’ve used this a bit in the past, but I’ve really like the results, so I wanted to try some colour sunset shots with it. I was standing right by this rock and figured it would make some pretty good foreground interest.

This shot is a manually blended image from about 4 exposures. It’s mostly one, with others blended in for the water and the bright part of the sky. A final, non-ND shot was used to clean up some noise on the mosque itself.

I’ve seen a few shots of this area on Flickr quite recently, so I guess it’s now becoming more popular for photographers.

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