Snow? I only see bacon.

February 5th, 2014, 1pm

It was 2°C with overcast. The breeze was light.

Turn the radio on, people chirp about the snow. Turn on the tv, people warn about the snow. You can keep your warnings and first-world fears, I’m making bacon, putting it in a bowl, and taking a picture of it in that same “terrible” snow. Then I’m going to eat it. Be awesome.

Alia, Lorraine, So-Shan and Cassie said thanks.

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Paul Farmiga

Maker of awesome, cheeseburger aficionado, denim connoisseur, intrapreneur, CrossFitter, best son, rocking brother, future amazing boyfriend/fiance/husband, bearer of mom's blue eyes, svelte gentleman, "he's funny", random adventure appreciator, incredible listener, doesn't-listen-to-voicemails'er, Jesus is my best friend, tastemaker, pathfinder, doer of cool stuff, and one of the most humble "wow, I didn't realize you knew so much about _____" people you'll ever meet or read about on this profile page.

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