Maybe it's not about...

November 12th, 2014, 3pm

…finding your passion but finding out what you enjoy doing it, be good at it and make a living.

I’ve been on a quest in search of my passion. For the past four years, I’ve been living a life that I didn’t want. It’s a life that I kind of fell on because of necessity, sheer convenience or happenstance. But nothing that I designed or wanted as such. And it has changed me and I don’t think I’ll ever be the same. I can’t be the same. I am a new person with new experiences, new ideas and life lessons. So trying to be the old me and retracing steps back to the ‘pre-lost’ period would prove futile. A new identity must be created. A mix of the old and the new. A better version, wiser, more mature, more learned.

I resigned from my current job last Monday. I have 2 weeks left here at work before the new chapter begins. A new chapter - a blank canvas. I will make the most of it. 2015 will be a period of reflection, rest, soul searching stuff, experimenting, experiencing, travelling, writing, trying things.

26th December - I will fly to Thailand and be with my family, see my friends and reconnect with myself (and of course, eat and shop). What comes after that? Who knows… but only remember this… that courage is life’s only measure. So note to self - go forth and go into the world confidently and don’t be afraid to try and fail. Push yourself and dare to dream. Most importantly, believe in yourself and know that everything will be okay.

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