calm waters & jumping waves

August 14th, 2015, 11am

Every step you take is a step to somewhere when you’re on the beach. I wanted the wild waves; the ones that you could just throw yourself in and feel the mist envelop your tiny body.

My feet felt the bottom of the beach—- the sand between my toes tickled them. I stood on my tippy toes and curled them in. I was like an amateur ballerina—-so proud of my little steps. The waves went high up and pulled me in. I couldn’t help but smile.

And then there was that one morning where the waves were as calm as a suckling baby. I fell afloat and closed my eyes as the sun hit the surface of our faces. The ocean has its days. The good and the bad; just like us humans. But I love the beach with all my heart, whether the waves are calm or wild.

I wish that one day we could all love each other despite our differences and our flaws;

no matter how much calmness or craziness lives within us.

Craig said thanks.

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Hedaya Kelani

lover of arts. warrior. princess. poet. dreamer.

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