This is a change she will hardly forget. An escape of the occlusion she lived in for years.

February 12th, 2015, 7am

Let’s face it, she had never been a city girl. My sister was hardly impressed by the tall edifices in the central parts of the city and night clubs were something she didn’t quite understand. She was instead driven by the wild spirits of nature. Her soul flew with the wind and always ran away from the busy lifestyle everyone in the city was “suffering from”.

Back them, when she first set foot into the wild world and started living on her own in a tiny apartment in the city centre, she was more curious to explore than willing to stay for longer. Her adventurous spirit kept her in Melbourne for few years during which she passed from being a waitress to working as a manager in a nearby motel. She loved her job, but something always pushed her out of the city.

She always knew she belonged somewhere else, but hardly found a reason to leave. At least not so soon after she came here. There we so many opportunities for young, bright people like her in the city and she could just miss her train to success. Yet, faith has something else prepared for her. Two years into college, she met this boy Steward. He was just getting his bachelor degree in landscaping and entering the world of business. He persuaded her to follow her dreams and apply to study veterinary. Soon after that, things changed for her in a way she couldn’t have imagined.

On this exact date an year back from now she took her first step into a new and better life. She moved to the rear areas of Melbourne. She describes renting her small house in the rural city suburbs as the best thing she did for years. Moving wasn’t easy for a 20-something girl who was just entering a new stage of her life, but thanks to some help from friends, family and a strong hand by the local house removals, she and Steward were able to soon move in and dive into a new world of experiences.

She quit her job and started writing - something she dreamed of ever since we were little. I’ve never quite understood her as my heart belonged to the city, yet, from today’s point of view, I know moving out and following her dreams was the best thing she could’ve done.

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