I get a kick out of the geography and the sheer unlikeliness of it all. Right now is this: a beautiful font in a wooden cabin, Mekong-side.

March 24th, 2014, 7am

Yesterday morning I was reconfiguring an e-commerce site for the download of plenty-gigabyte software training multimedia ebooks in variable formats for a client 11 time zones away. Lunchtime: head to Thalat Kok Pho, the wet market 200m away, there to buy salted fish, skewered with lemongrass, grilled on the coals, and wrapped in banana leaves to go. And this beautiful woman – the one who didn’t know running water or electricity three months ago; the one who mops these wooden floors around me as I work – she and I went and lolled about in the Mekong – this great river of Asia – to cool our cores in the 40 deg C heat. And then we returned. She slept on the sofa. I worked at my air-conditioned desk. Today, more of the same. Across time zones, international boundaries, cultural contexts, and the ages. Mindsets and media settings. Transition. All hanging by a thread. A high-speed Internet cable. Like. Plus 1. Like. Sign up for ‘Hi’ with its pretty font. Sit in a wooden cabin on stilts on the edge of a great river. I get to have it all. How did I get here? How did I get this (though heat-wilted) lucky?

Christine said thanks.

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Dominique le Roux

A writer. Publisher. Story-thinker. Fascinated by transition, agelessness, the artisan and the tech. Collaborator. [about.me/dominiqueleroux]

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