The Money Shot.

September 17th, 2013, 6pm

We’d been walking along the sharp, brittle rock for a few minutes, filming toward the mountains and taking in a vast, black vista of the lava fields.

It’d been a long day of shooting, as they all are. There’s often little inspiration to be found in the hollow of exhaustion or the still, empty panorama of this new land, freshly birthed.

Also, the light was fading, the gate would soon be chained. It was long past time to go. That’s when I turned and saw the majesty of a Kona sunset, volcanic ash suspended in the air, making magic.

“Let’s film this,” I said, almost to no one in particular.

We scrambled up a small rise, racing the sun.

There is darkness and there is light. Everywhere.

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Matthew Nagato

Just a country boy doing my best to save the world.

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