A letter of heartfelt concern to my best friend.

October 24th, 2015, 8pm

i thought you loved me but i’m just a fucking fool no, take do not forget what you said you played on my loyal heart

im so sick i fell for the sinister grime you are not a beloved friend, everything seems fine today but just give it time

karma is a bitch, and you can’t make me feel anymore pain ive had the dearest voice, friend and sister take her last breath in my lap

seen things you cannot comprehend i am alone

i love life you used me as your standing hill, because you don’t know you writing this poem is not in vain,

i have tried and repeated in tears you need to find the beauty that i see i won’t return again for i never thought you would.

i love you, but as Lana says, “it takes getting everything you ever wanted and then losing it, to know what true freedom is”

and i am afraid your fate will come when you least expect it and i dont feel sorry for you because I’ve tried and tried you have made it clear through action

this isnt goodbye friend this is until you come to grips with your life i can no longer be happy and if your causing me pain, i pray you let your heart give.

My love is unconditional just because I’m not physically present doesn’t mean I won’t think of you day after day.

with all my love-sick longing, please get well.


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Henk Holveck

I'm just a twenty-something androgynous human. Taking everyday to learn and better myself.

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