How To End Your Year In Style

January 1st, 2016, 2pm

It was 1°C. The breeze was light.

In early January of last year, it was dull. Everything seemed numb, no feeling. I was anti-social, cooped up in my room, hiding. By the time it was April, my best friend was dating the most popular guy in the neighborhood. In June, my friends at school had started to talk to me more than usual. They began to drag me along to hang out with them across the street from my house. Before I knew it, I was involved with them more than my hideout. By late July, I was hanging out with them everyday. By the time August was halfway through, I had myself a lazy boyfriend whom I barely see to this day. By the time August had come, I was rebelling against my family. I was never home anymore, sneaking out, I was what I like to call, a Bad Girl. By September, I was no longer seeing my boyfriend or talking to him. I was trying to, but it made me feel suicidal and even more depressed. In October, I was trying to get him to understand my pain, but was failing. I saw him once that month, October 9th, one day after the two month anniversary of being with him. It was one of the best times I’d had with him, even if all I did was buy chips and a slushie with him. November was the month I saw him once, at the end of the month, and he ditched me. I didn’t ditch him, like I would dare, he ditched me. For no reason. December 18th had come, the last day of school before break, the last day of Hell on Earth, also my best friend’s boyfriend’s birthday party the next day. I saw my boyfriend that day, for a half hour, not much, but enough to last for weeks, maybe months, before I broke down every night. The next day, however, my best friend and I went to visit the party. Her boyfriend was with all his friends, laughing in the basement, while mine stood off to the side with the quietest kid there. I watched as my best friend talked with all of the people there, while I stood off to the side, not saying a thing, like always. When we left, I felt higher, so I could probably go for two or more months without my boyfriend. December 31st dragged along, and I saw him. We talked, not much, but just enough, and then I went home. I ended my year perfectly, with friends and loved ones, and started my year with them. I couldn’t have been more thankful for that.

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Carina Sauriol

I like penguins and if you don't we won't get along well.

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