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September 25th, 2014, 5pm

There is no inherent quality in any love that makes it eternal. There is only how much you put into it - how hard you try to hang on or let go.

I want to move on from him. But I want to do so in a way that doesn’t deny the truth in what we had. Here’s what I’ve decided.

No matter the intensity of the love that previously existed, you can get over anyone once you’re apart, or even fall out of love while you’re still together. The deciding factor is the effort you put in, and in what direction.

When we were together, I knew that I could love him forever, no matter how challenging the distance got, because I was determined to make it work. And now he’s left, I know I can get over him, because I am determined to be happy.

I still believe it could have gone either way. Our love could have been forever, but the fact that it’s over doesn’t make the past any less real. Just because it had the potential to be everlasting doesn’t mean I can’t rid myself of it. The universe is not inconsistent - it just forces us to be flexible in our expectations.

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Sara Ashley

Writer, runner, and a terrible but enthusiastic karaoke star.

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