Seeing: Judd & the Netherlands

October 1st, 2013, 11am

I don’t see the fruit so much. Nor the crates.

I see 17th century Dutch still life paintings, mingled in with an installation of Donald Judd pieces.

Was this presented with some intent? Is someone deliberately setting out to make some sort of statement? Who knows…

I see a daily version of this installation, with subtle variation, as I enjoy my morning coffee and am constantly reminded and amazed how certain artists have managed to forever change how we see different objects and scenarios that surround us.

Sean Scully does it with the urban landscape, the grid, rough architecture and the constant joining up of things that don’t quite want to match up. In Australia, Fred Williams redefined the rural landscape. Howard Arkley also with the urban and suburbia, doors and gates, ordinary houses. You see “Jeffrey Smart” everywhere from Sydney to Arezzo in Tuscany.

It’s a long list.

I’m unable to not see them.

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Stephen Scott

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