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December 1st, 2013, 6am

Friendship Centers are a vital resource for Aboriginal people across Canada. They were established over 50 years ago to address the needs of Aboriginal people moving into urban areas. They play a pivotal role in providing cultural based programs and services to communities. The purpose of the friendship centre is to help with the transition from rural to urban life and assisting with living in an urban area. The centers provide services such as cultural programming, adult educational upgrading, housing issues, healing and wellness services, and child day care facilities. They are an integral part of our communities and improve the quality of life for Aboriginal people. Local Friendship Centre Objectives To carry on without pecuniary gain, objects of a national, charitable, scientific, social or professional character and the like.

To partner with service agencies, volunteer organization, private industry and all levels of government in advancing and maintaining the well being of Aboriginal people.

To provide medium for the development of Aboriginal leadership in the community.

To assist the community in promoting a deeper awareness of the culture and heritage of our Aboriginal population.

To develop programs and support services to meet the needs of Aboriginal people in the community as a whole. Sources

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