Big days start out with... Jobs?

August 2nd, 2016, 11pm

“In a lieu to a certain vitamin water ad”

Big day today, so I bolted out the door after leaving late and barely got to the train station in time only to have to take the wrong bus and then head over to almost the wrong campus. I would run into a classmate but she’d ignore me because I’m me. Would get to class late realised I had the wrong subject materials and rush to copy everything the tutor said, go to a lecture where I was sorely unprepared for and forgot to do the readings for so I only had a vague understanding and then go then test out the new GTA Online cunning stunts instead before having to rush over to the CSE building to return a mouse to a girl who lost it last week during the break and then eat my lunch during the latter half of the lecture. Then in the rain and after the lecture, meet up with some old friends, go to Whitehouse and talk to the head chef about a job before heading off to COFA for a society meet up which I was late for only to realise that most of the production team was busy and couldn’t make it and then I would accidentally vandalise some light boxes before walking with the guys down Oxford to get my Arceus code and get some Yugioh Movie packs only to get Blue Eyes Alturnative (YAY!!) instead of Dark Magician support (boo). Then awkwardly shuffle to the Town Hall station only to take the wrong train to Stratfield but saved by the following service, arrive home noticeably late and then find the forms for my job for the next election ready before going to eat dinner and fall asleep from fatigue before having to get up at midnight and rush my homework for CGI class tomorrow.

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Alan Wen

Some uni student, gonna just be recounting some life events and my everyday.

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