What an unexpected surprise when you are out only traveling and not hunting. He had just made it across the highway.

November 11th, 2013, 8pm

It was -12°C with broken clouds. There was moderate breeze.

My husband is a hunter, I just go along for the ride and to spend quality time with him. On this occasion we were traveling to Flin Flon and of course we see a moose, well we slowed down and watched this beautiful animal make his way across the road. My poor husband was just excited and yet sad but yet again excited. When he moose hunts, he doesn’t only think of our home but he shares with the elders, the church and his family and friends. He says that is the way was taught and that is what he shares with his children, the teachings that have been passed down from his dad. The moose is the largest member of the deer family. They were popular for their use of huge hides that were at one time carefully tanned and sewn together to cover large, spruce-frame boats. We still have a few elders in our community that still do this process of tanning hide. Moose hide leggings, coats; hats and footwear were necessary clothing to ward off the severe cold. The clothing turn out amazing and some add bead work to it. Moose meat is needed to people surviving in remote areas and the hides were used for tents. A successful hunt was occasion for a feast, and the elders were honoured with the head, which is a delicacy.

Bulls (males) and the female (cow) and the young (calf) weigh different with the bull weighing the most. Both sexes are about 2 metres high at the shoulder. Both male and female have a “bell” that hangs under the throat. This is a flap of skin covered with hair that grows as long as 25 cm on males. (NRofC)

Moose have long legs which are well suited for their style and climate of their locations as they have different land forms to make their way through such as deep snow, walking over bushes and logs, and wading through muskeg. Their normal pace is a walk, but they occasionally trot in a stiff-legged manner. If a moose feels threatened or scared they will and can attain a speed of around 55 kilometres per hour.

Moose are well-known for their distinctive antlers. Only bulls grow them and the rack is in its prime when the animal is about six years of age. During the first year a moose may grow short stubs and yearlings may develop one or two forks. As the moose ages, a characteristic shape develops, and the antlers form points on both sides. (NRofC)

Such a beautiful animal that can provide so much, but hunters should only take what they need and not to hunt just for sport. Over hunting moose could repeat what happened with all the buffalo that were once depended on for the same needs that is provided from a moose.

References: Natural Resources of Canada

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