pick a spot, any spot, and trust that something interesting will materialize while you paint

June 1st, 2014, 8pm

Dixon Mills Pencil Factory Smoke Stack, Jersey City, Brunswick and Wayne Streets. oil on linen on panel, 8 x 10 inches, 2014

cat sitting for my brother and his wife in Jersey City. as soon as they left for their trip to Montreal, I quickly gathered my art supplies and went outside to paint something. i have resolved with myself that probably nothing was going to “inspire” me, so I’ll have to make it work where I set up my easel.

I didn’t want to venture too far away so I picked the first corner which was about a block from their condominium complex. I randomly chose this spot and trusted that something “interesting” will eventually materialize while I painted. this is one of the smoke stacks of the historic Dixon Mills Pencil Factory. as its name suggested, it used to manufacture pencils.

back in 1980-something I tried to talk my brothers in to moving to this complex when it was converted to “luxury” rentals. we went to see the place and we were quite spooked by the surrounding area, so we didn’t pursue the idea after that.

fast forward to 2000-something, the complex was converted to “luxury” condominiums. Jersey City has changed and many young people are buying in to the area. my brother and his wife owns a nice unit in Dixon Mills, and Jersey City is quite lovely.

Shu, Christine, David Wade and Jessica said thanks.

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