Brief Reviews: The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

December 17th, 2013, 4pm

It was 6.7°C with broken clouds. The breeze was light.

If you’ve considered seeing The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, DO.

This is me, with years of working in theaters, seeing tons of good and bad movies, and slowly learning how to articulate it, endorsing what could potentially be a cheesy and poorly executed adaptation of a short story that most people would never even read.

Instead, it’s a beautifully located, decently directed, predictable but heartwarming character study where Ben Stiller puts on a performance akin to Will Ferrell’s Stranger Than Fiction, which is the movie I cite every time someone asks me why I watch Will Ferrell movies.

It’s the movie that reminds us how beautiful the world is, and how little we see of it. If you can’t leave your life behind, Walter Mitty’s not a bad way to take a few hours trip instead.

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Valerie Stimac

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