I couldn't help myself, I tilted my head and looked to the sky.

September 25th, 2013, 9pm

It was 11°C with few clouds. The wind was whipping.

What did I find?

That the sky was still there, my feet were still shod in my beloved tan boots, I was clothed and warm, there was food in my belly, I had a job that I was on my way to, a wife at home with our daughter, both my parents were still alive and together, a holiday booked for November, friends all over the world, experiences that would become epic stories used to bore grandchildren to sleep when the time comes, a flat to return to at the end of the day, a family to lean on when things get rough, money in the bank…

What I saw when I looked up that morning was that the sky wasn’t about to fall on my head.

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Aidan Rasmussen

Lost in a story.

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