November 7th, 2013, 6pm

This is what happens after hours at a hotel.

We arrived at one thirty in the morning, checking in, after a delayed flight and long taxi queue. Tired and a little cranky, this sight put me in a happier mood. Well, until I was treated to good old-fashion sexist behaviour by the hotel staff, who insisted on taking our bags to our room and taking ‘the gentleman’s bags to his room first’.

We were only going to get five hours sleep as we had an early start, and I really didn’t want to wait for my bags. I’m an independent woman and can carry my own bags!

David Wade said thanks.

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So-Shan Au

Londoner, bit of writing, takes photos, book geek, works in publishing, loves maps, typography, papercuts, architecture, trees, art, design, photography, gardening... @soshanau

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