I'm standing there taking the picture

October 23rd, 2013, 4pm

When this thick Brooklyn accent walks by in a hurry—okay not in that big of a hurry because she stops to say, Beautiful ain’t it? Gorgeous, I say. Except the rats crawl up the vines on the side, she says. Thanks for the image, I say. And the vines, they eat away at the caulk and destroy the building, she says and points at the brick behind us and goes.

Later I’m coming down McGuiness and someone peeled off the M from a bottle of Monster Energy Drink and stuck it on the bodega glass. The sign in the window says: Please Muse / other door.

I locked this one when I was three years braver and threw away the key.

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Jack Cheng

You left these here so you will be in my stories

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