The waiting

January 9th, 2013, 2pm

It was cold and windy. The smoke from the strange pan used to cook the chestnuts, filled the street with a sweet scent, in a vain attempt to lure the mass of people walking by with a fast pace through the street.

Completely oblivious to the world, he just sat there and waited. Staring into the distance, to a world that was only his own, he sat there. The time seemed to have different rules around this cart and with a patience of a monk, he waited. Breathing in slow and deep breaths, as if meditating he sat. In an attempt to dodge another person, someone would pass by the cart, but he remained unbothered by it.

After a while a small girl approached, hopping closer to the cart while dragging her grandmother by an arm. The giggle of the young girl brought him back to this world. With a smile he looked at the girl and in a soft voice he asked how much she would like. “I want a biiiiiiig one!” said the girl. “Give us a dozen please” explained the wrinkled old lady.

The man grabbed the two handles of the pan and gave couple vigorous shakes, with a precise movement that was refined through years of experience. The chestnuts inside of the pan danced all around and finally came out, falling on a basket. With his fingers covered in coal dust the man grabs the chestnuts and places them in a paper cone made out of an old yellow pages book.

“Careful now, they are hot, ” said the man while handing the cone to the child. The old lady handed him a few coins, they both smiled. “Thank you.” Said the man. “Thank you. ” Said the old lady and the child both at the same time. After a couple minutes of their departure, he sat down on his chair. Back to his own world and lost in his thoughts he waited.

Christine said thanks.

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Fábio Rosado

Professional Dreamer, Writer wannabe, Learning programming, Photographer, Salesman

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