Plastic sandwich. Feed my soul.

December 28th, 2014, 4pm

I’ve never seen a real tomato. I never tasted real bread. I was only 5 when the last food production company went out of business. The top 1% were the only people in the world who could afford the old food. The food made from real trees and plants. They were the things of dreams now. No longer in museums or safely guarded in the Swiss mountains and not even the uber rich could afford to keep the old food from dying out. Not since the food printer. It changed everything.

I always get the croissant sandwich from my favorite M-Foods store, it’s the only model foods shop left in France, they specialize in nostalgicly shaped foods . I just think it is the most scientifically efficient shape for a sandwich to be. But all my friends call me a romantic. Even model food - food resembling the old food - was on it’s way out. The young neo-hipsters preferred the bland block meals.

David Wade said thanks.

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