The first time the Mount Fuji appeared to me, I was filled with emotion.

January 15th, 2009, 11am

As far as I can remember, I have always been passionate about Japan and its culture. I don’t really know how this passion grew up in me, and maybe one day, I will try to write something about it, I guess it should help me to find answers.

As being someone who loves Japan, the day I saw the Mount Fuji for the first time was a moment I will remember all my life. And I will try to describe my feelings from that moment the best way I can.

The place I used to live in was a small building located in Yokohama, with access to the rooftop terrace where I used to go almost everyday to enjoy the sights, lights and sounds of my neighborhood. Rooftop access is not something very common in my home land, and I think there are great spots, enjoyable and very inspiring. A few days after settling in my new room, I grabbed a cup of coffee and walked up to the rooftop to spend a few minutes relaxing. It was in the middle of January and the weather was pretty nice, with a sunny, cloudless and blue sky.

When I reached the terrace, I immediately saw that great white heap and its distinctive shape standing out from the blue sky. At this moment, time stopped for a few seconds. Seeing the Mount Fuji for the first time, one of the symbol of Japan, when I was not prepared to, was really touching. I stared at it for a long time, maybe ten minutes, while doing nothing except enjoying the view and the atmosphere of the place. I was seizing the moment and I really loved it. It was like magic.

As I got down off my cloud, I decided to go back to my room to grab my camera, and I came back to the terrace to take pictures of the most stylish moutain of the world. What you see above is one of those pictures.

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