To a tired writer prone to procrastination, this crazy tea cozy is far too interesting today. Must ... write ... soon ...

September 25th, 2013, 1pm

It was 21.1°C. The breeze was gentle.

Cordwainer wants to know more.

Cassie, Craig and Amal said thanks.

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Beth Nyland

WRITE | CREATE | COMMUNICATE ... I am a creative person, happiest when I have time and space to write, think and do things with my hands. I have three beautiful children. I had no idea I could love another person so much ... my heart is completely full for them. Since I married Jim in 2009, each day offers new discoveries in love and creativity and joy. With our union, my family circle gained three fascinating step-sons who are helping me grow as a parent and partner (and they probably don't even know it). As a professional communicator, I get paid to do what I do best, working with people whose passion inspires me to take leaps of courage and creativity. You can find me online in lots of places:

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