What if?

April 25th, 2016, 4pm

It was 20°C. The breeze was gentle.

What if? If what? What does the word ‘if’ substantially mean in our generation’s existence? ‘If’ is a word that shows us late night thoughts, high dawn daydreams and kinky memories. Christ, ‘if’ shows us hopelessness. A feeling of the unknown. What if you made another move? Would you still have the boy/girl of your dreams? What if you fought harder? Would your friend still be alive? What if you tried harder? Would your parents get off of your case about grades? Sucks that you will never know. But the thing about our generation, ‘if’ has turned into a whole different thing. A whole other meaning and essence to depict the unknown. The current generation will change ‘what if I did this’ to ‘what if I didn’t do that?’ We look back on where we failed, we bring up memories from the past that most would prefer to keep hidden. For what? To uncover the unknown? The word ‘if’ will always be in every language for the mere fact that this ‘what if’ is a huge part of human nature. We stand for ourselves and make others apologize for it even though it’s true. What if we didn’t?

David Wade said thanks.

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giselle aviles

I use words for symbolism and cry to Hamilton while eating mint chip ice cream.

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