A long weekend.

March 31st, 2014, 12pm

It was 23°C with broken clouds. The wind was calm.

Thursday 20th June 18:56

Just like every other thursday. The thought trails off in Max’s mind as he looks down at the mountain of paperwork laying in front of him, strewn across all four corners of his desk. Max wriggles in his best Houdini type fashion. A move he has been performing ever since he had to start wearing suits, casual fridays or “no tie friday” as he might as well be called. The first time it was casual friday he made the grievous error of wearing shorts. Too casual apparently.  He wasn’t made to wear a suit he would say… only to himself though. A vacuum cleaner starts to go off in a distant room, it soon blends in with the hum of office lights and his computer. The only pleasurable sound on offer is the scraping of folder on folder but soon even that becomes a sound to resent. The mountain of paper seems to be never ending on a desk too small for everything. He glances at his watch… 18:58 oh joy still here.

Yes, this thursday was just like anything other thursday. It precedes what promises to be a dull friday and a dismally predictable weekend. This was the thought that pressed on max’s brain constantly. It was not his fault he felt this way. Maybe it was his over bearing mother or the fact that this weekend in particular holds something in store that Max loathes more than anything. A “House Party”. Not just any party though. The party of his oldest and best friend, Charlie. It is not Charlie that is the problem it is the friends of Charlie that Max resents. Lets just say standing around talking with a bunch of people whose idea of a good time is drinking green tea smoking roll up fags and saying “yeah I have projects in the pipeline”. Max packs up his desk for the night and heads out the sound of his feet thudding against the thinly carpeted flooring. He pushes a revolving door and looks out into the pouring rain as his bus goes flying past……………….. Yes just like any other thursday.

David Wade said thanks.

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Oliver Townsend

I'm English. I moved to Australia to be with a girl. I love to write but no one I know knows I write, I don't like to tell people because I think they will be like you? Really. I'm 23, ex-hairy, love all sport. I write about what I feel maybe how I really feel

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