Water, water, everywhere, and nothing decent to drink.

October 21st, 2015, 10am

It was 27°C with few clouds. The breeze was brisk.

In a four-man room, where there are four bunks, four lockers, and room for one person to sit, I sit. Bored and almost wanting a nap. Earlier, the Master turned a blind eye for some of the work I preformed, but to be safe, I only preformed work on the bridge, Hiding in plain sight when the inspectors walked in. Fading to the background when the Mates were asked about vessel operations. I checked that the system was on and settling, and scarpered away. The inspectors, a mix of multiple agencies, had arrived yesterday, and everything but essential operations was shut down before, awaiting their arrival. From the Info I gleamed from walking around, it seems like I am stuck here until the incident has been fully investigated, and operations can re-start, but without being told to face I will not grant any action as what will become. It was a tragedy, and it seems to have effected most here. Should I comment on the whispers in the Galley? the one how broke down weeping in the hall way? Other to mention that it happened, I will not. Nor will I tell you what happened to cause all this. It is not my place. It affects many, in different ways, and as I am an ass mostly, I will say that the stress of not knowing when I can go home is an affect I would like to do without. Now, I’m off to find a cup of tea, and a better place to sit.

Luis said thanks.

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