Pool side in turquoise, white polka dot and cheap paperback novel.

March 30th, 2014, 4pm

She is well into her 60’s if not more. Paper thin skin and tentative steps. He is about the same age. They asked for a flash light a couple of nights ago to read the menu.

This is the largest and nicest pool in town. I swim here everyday even though I am not a guest here. The clients here are older, white, affluent. They exude privilege and silence. They don’t talk to strangers, there is no need. I prefer budget lodgings; I am curious about people and meeting people I don’t yet know.

She sunbaths in reverse direction with her head dangling towards the pool. Turquoise, white polka dot and a cheap paperback novel. She must have been a beauty once. Strawberry blond, tiny waist and a delicate frame.

One lap. Two lap. Three lap. I pause for a second on the far side of the pool and consider her profile. There is something sexy about her. The way she is lays on her back using the book to block out the sun. She greets him tenderly before she returned to her book. I return to my daily swim.

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Charlie Grosso

Photographer - Writer. Adventure Traveller. Brand Consultant. Art Gallery Director. Possible Spy. Always on the road, living under an alias. Seeking co-conspirators. http://charliegrosso.com

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