June 26th, 2016, 12pm

First it was Jux.com (another favorite platform of mine that stopped existing), now hi.co…

I was really sad when I was notified that come September (is it?) this platform won’t exist anymore. I was a huge fan, even though I was not a regular contributor. I had believed in the idea of Hi even back when it was by invitation only and wanted to be part of it. I am so sorry it did not catch on and that not so many people grasped its significance.

In Greece, hardly anyone was using it, because hardly anyone knew it, so I did not have many friends following me. However, I had found a community of people in here to which I was turning to every now and then, particularly during my struggle with cancer (I am well now - for now), sharing with them feelings and thoughts I did not share with anyone, anywhere else. Thank you for supporting me and leaving me considerate comments, even though you did not really know me. It meant the world to me and I will be sad to let you all go…

…this is not, however, a farewell post. I was hoping we could meet elsewhere on the internet if you have blogs, or any spot where you share a little something of yourselves as you used to do here. Personally, I have moved most of my hi.co posts to my personal blog, because I wanted to preserve them as a diary of sorts. Many times it helps to look back even if you have your eyes set on the future. You are more than welcome to visit and see what I am up to. I have not written much lately, but this is where I share my thoughts, and most of my thoughts, anyway, are not restricted to the here and now; they are more philosophical, so you can still read something past and feel a connection to me.

Let me know in the thank you section if you would like to connect somewhere else on the internet.

Bye for now and farewell hi.com!

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Maria Coveou

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