New York Brunch

December 15th, 2013, 1pm

It was 16°C with scattered clouds. The wind was light.

Three film crew friends (an A.D., a costume designer and a script supervisor) met for brunch on a Sunday morning but none had any; for they were brought together by their love for the finest, they conceded, barbeque burger in town - and that’s what they had.

For them, it had come to represent the ultimate comfort food during film crew breaks when the shooting day had been tough and the catering food seemed inedible. It was the anticipation of those caramelized onions that kept them going and kept them tolerating insufferable film crew colleagues, whiny actors, difficult shots and adverse weather conditions.

The Barbeque Burger had become their secret password which allowed them access to private meetings long after they had stopped working together and during which they would have lengthy discussions about new film productions they were involved in, working conditions and new or old colleagues. Their meetings over burgers were their own therapy sessions where they could vent steam and share their problems and complaints.

It didn’t matter that those three were seemingly so different; they liked and respected each other which created a strong bond. Plus they always had such great laughs…

The New York Burger was the icing of their friendship.

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Maria Coveou

travel journalist, translator, freelance script supervisor for film & TV, film buff, lover of the written word and of music, blogger, vintage lover, '80s child, occasional flapper, Lindy hopper, traveler, thinker, dreamer, temporary alien []

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