Almost two years ago, I vowed to never love again...

May 25th, 2014, 10pm

It was 27°C with few clouds. The breeze was light.

9 years was enough. It was such a long time for me to have given up on myself and my dreams to be full time to the family I was trying so hard to keep together despite all that is lacking which I kept on the back of my head.

After that 9 years, I vowed to focus on career and catch up on all the things that I have given up on. Go out and enjoy the comfort of my own company and the things that I missed on which I love a lot. I never closed myself to love but I knew it would not be that easy and I was not yet ready to commit to anyone.

Went out on a few dates, but you know it was just a game of putting your best foot forward and that you could never really be yourself.

Thursdays are fun nights during those times(up to now). In the company of great people I can talk to for hours and listen to great music, while enjoying my beer. I never knew, that something was already brewing back then.

There was only one formal date before we became official. Everything else were bridged by all those Thursdays we treated each other as friends. People saw something in us we never saw ourselves to the point that they were questioning if we were together and we would just laugh about it and shrug the idea off.

You gotta believe in that saying, Don’t look for love. Let it find you.

One night out and one movie, was a give away. We both know it would work and might as well we risk and give it a try. And Good Lord! I’m really happy to be where I am now. Despite the heartaches and failed promises before, I know this one will be there with me through thick and thin. He has actually proven that a number of times, and I just am too stubborn not to see.

And that, was how I broke my vow. And I have no regrets breaking it.

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