Moon Inside

October 16th, 2013, 1am

It was 13.3°C. The wind was calm.

This isn’t the real moon.

This moon inside. Keeps me awake.

While I lay here trying to end this day, the light reminds my brain that it is okay to wander. At night, when everyone is alseep, it is the perfect moment of freedom. The time to catch up, to read, to let my mind wander. To imagine the future until I start to worry. Then I look at the moon again, blinding me with its LED lights. And I listen. Is it raining?

I hear outside, maybe everyone is sleeping, but then I hear cars. People are going places.

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celine semaan vernon

Advocate of the Open Web. Designer. Mom. Experimental anthropologist. Founder of the science-fashion label @slowfactory_ Founder of Le Design Team a Design Studio in Brooklyn helping organizations achieve their goals by optimizing their processes and empowering them with tools to keep innovating. Alien of extraordinary abilities living in New York

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