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Hope you are doing good, merry Christmas and a happy new-year. “God is not present in idols. Your feelings are your god. The soul is your temple.” - Chanakya

The new-year is just five days away, so it’s the time to start writing or rather list the resolutions and try again to understand the meaning of our life and try to improve it and making it more meaningful.

So when we talk about voices they are very important in our life, we all definitely know what is a voice, it is that sound produced in the larynx and uttered through the mouth. OK, let us do a small exercise I will give you some words just think about them and tell me the voices that first strikes you when you read these words: Leader, Teacher, friend, enemy, music, motivator, and argument.

I am sure you guys would have got your own names, these people first strike your mind because they have made an impact in your life these voices can be of your favorite actor or an actress or even a news reader or anyone.

But there is one universal voice that can break you or make you, and that is your own voice and this voice I am talking about is not that you use to speak or communicate with others but this is the voice which is always silent and only you can hear it but I can assure that this voice keeps speaking to you all the time and you always hear or rather listen to it.

We talk to our voices in every moment of our life, suppose you want to eat something and you see that when you are passing by near a random hotel that sense of jolly feeling rushes out from inside and someone says: Dude you love that stuff go grab a bite!

We always say we are directed by our mind, which I totally agree with but, we are aware that the mind talks to you and the tone has a meaning? You know this field is called mind narration which is a very advance branch of science I recently read about on mint, first time in USA a group of scientists and doctors defined this term, and devised a method to track down the thinking process of criminals. From the above study they also found another good use of this research that even common men’s minds can be understood, so that they can think better and live better.

For example if you take a situation that you are walking on the road and you see one of your friend passing by, but unfortunately before you even could call him he tripped on the footpath and injured himself, so initially you were happy seeing him and was eager to meet him , but now after he fell you got a spark of sympathy and the voice changed inside and it sounds more protective which will reflect in your actions as well, so you make sure to go and help him and drop him home.

Next time when you are suddenly face a situation, try to observe your own voice you can easily find out your thought process and how you are planning to overcome that problem and the whole process explained by the voice.

We are the best judges for ourselves we can cheat any number of people in this world but we cannot cheat ourselves as the voice already knows that what you did was not right and it is already in remorse for what you did.

When our actions are good this inner voice of the mind talks to you boldly at the same when we err the voice is submissive but tries to defend itself just to make you feel comfortable and that defence is being propelled by your own ego which always fools you by saying you’re always right. But at that moment when your voice was pale and not bold you have already erred and accepted your mistake.

This voice which is not heard by anyone in this world except for you is the best judge that you can depend on because it knows all about the actions you do and gives you the judgement each day.

Listen to your own voice, respect it and always consider The Voice before your next action. Have a great weekend.

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Harish Murthy

Hi am Harish Murthy, I like writing about new ideas and thoughts, and like writing about science, psychology and humanities. Thanks for reading please visit again:)

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