Same old, same old

August 18th, 2016, 11am

It was 21°C with clouds and visibility OK. The breeze was light.

Haven’t updated in a while, might as well brush up on my recount skills.

Ran into some people of the past week. Had a Caramar fiasco last week. Really hate the Bankstown line. At least Francis had the Dark Magician core I needed. Hmm what else? Oh yea met up with Tony (twice including yesterday), was nice catching up. Ran into Mai and learned that my old English teacher Ms Vu/Tran’s doing well.

Yea enough personal references, so found a guy selling the Northern Ocean Princess Nendoroid, unfortunately he sent it to the wrong address. Luckily I was the one with the tracking number, the poor girl had her copy of Overwatch redirected somewhere without tracking. Hopefully it turns up somewhere.

So going to pick it up on Monday.

On the card games front, Karazhan is pretty awesome for letting us play the first wing for free. Planning on building Metalfoes-Lunalights for the next Yugioh meta.

This was assignments week (though again I’ve been crusing along). Need to catch up on math. Managed to get a PWYW coding textbook set from Humble Bundle so comp should be easier.

(Also heard of the trimester switch for UNSW, not really a fan tbh)

Going to Smash! on Saturday (the Australian Anime Convention), pretty hyped. And then movies with Lisa on Sunday. Packed weekend, now to survive the rest of the week.

Craig said thanks.

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Alan Wen

Some uni student, gonna just be recounting some life events and my everyday.

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