As the season changes and brings new colors, so does the wildlife that we have here in Manitoba Canada!

November 13th, 2013, 11pm

It was -2°C with few clouds. The breeze was gentle.

In the fall it is hunting season again. All the hunters go out and set up camps for a week or two, so they can get their moose meat supply for the winter. Some hunters will hunt deer, elk and some caribou but mainly moose around our area. Moose are such beautiful animals and a wonderful provider of meat to a community. When a hunter goes out and accomplishes his hunt, he brings it home and prepares the meat by cutting and rinsing meat before putting it in freezer bags. The hunter will then think of the elders in the care home that love wild meat, he then gives out packages to family, neighbors and friends. If there is an awake happening at the church or at a grieving families house he will donate meat there also. Mainly a hunter will “bag a moose” as they say around our area to provide for their family for the winter months. A hunter(or hunters wife) can make, pot roasts, steaks, ribs, jerky, ground moose hamburger (like ground beef) and fry meat. There are many dishes one can use moose for, such the delicacy as the tongue and organs which some people love more than the meat. In our community we have annual feast days for each change of the seasons. This is where the whole community comes together to enjoy each others company and eat together. Trying keep our youth interesting in all the wild meat and fish that the land has to offer, rather than the youth eating all the junk and fast food that is easy to access in today’s society.

Cassie, Lisa, Barb and David Wade said thanks.

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Joanne Young

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