Friday morning run. Struggled to get out of house but need to move

July 19th, 2013, 10am

Running last week had been a little rough. After finally feeling like I was adjusting to running in the humid and hot Orlando weather, I struggled on all my runs during the week.

I try to run everyday. Usually I’ll take one or two days off a week, but I don’t schedule my days off, rather I just try to rest when I need it.

I recently moved from New York City, where running was a big part of my life, and where there are many other runners. In Orlando it has been hard to find a community of runners; actually I haven’t found any running groups.

There are many trails and paths around the area, but cycling seems to be the big draw here - lots of riders, but not as many runners.

On this morning I was meeting Liam - the one person from here that I’ve gone running with.

This particular route starts at this spot on a paved path, but then winds through neighborhood streets. Liam put together the route and thankfully has a good memory because there are many turns.

I’ll keep running.

Cassie, Sam and Paul said thanks.

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