I use magic (or magical thinking if you will) as a defense mechanism. A little imagination makes life more bearable.

April 2nd, 2014, 11am

It was 21.1°C with few clouds. The wind was light.

Having a boring day? Not when you have the magic of a powerful imagination at your disposal. Can’t see your way around the room because you can’t turn the lights on for fear of waking your lovely mate? Of course you can! Just activate your memory’s night-vision mode and use your mind’s eye to ‘see’ where you left your socks! (Over there, by the pile of sweaters.)

A counter top becomes a virtual workstation. A row of cupboards is now your real-time display of all the pertinent info you need to get your day going. Need to recall a vital fact, such as what you have in the fridge at work? Access your internal filing system (or mind-palace for you Sherlockers) and pull up the visual data.

Got to work and now it’s time to focus? Slip on your headphones and let the incantations of something epic become the fuel that lights your fire. A little something techno is just the thing for getting you into hacker mode. Need to be creative? Pop-punk will do the trick. Finally, the slow and smooth tones of acoustic missives will wrap you up like a cozy blanket when it’s time to wind-down.

Time to head out into the world. Better cast a focus spell so you can pay attention to the traffic out there. Is that the time? Looks like you may need to also take on the persona of a professional stunt driver (obey those traffic laws though)!

Uggh, meeting up with the family at the mall for dinner. So many people, so much movement and noise. Defensive aura goes up, covering you with invisible spikes and bristles that encourage others not to get too close; to leave you alone while you search out your loved ones. There they are, over by the play place so the little ones can pretend they’re princesses or fairies. Already preparing for their inevitable, incantatious, and imaginative inheritance.

Quick, almost there, defensive aura down! Cast a spell of Angel’s Peace, invisible wings sprouting from your back as divine tranquility washes away the stress and anxiety of the day. But don’t settle too much, this is still the mall. There are still many so-called ‘normal’ people around. Wherever you go, you can’t let your guard down, especially against the chaos and cacophony that threatens to overwhelm your senses. Keep up some dampeners over your ears, with their sweet selective filtering.

You may never be able to fully be ‘present’ any time you’re out, but at least you’re safe. And that means those around you are safe too, because you’re ever vigilant, ever watching. You’re their protector, they depend on you, but you have your own struggles you wage war against too.

All this magic has drained your reserves, gotta get some food. But this isn’t your ordinary Chik-fil-a. This chicken is perfectly prepared, giving you hot and tender life-giving protein and nourishment for physical strength. The waffle fries (which are, of course, magical in their own ways) give you the carbs you need to keep up your mana points. And the milkshakes are powerful potions giving you spiritual refreshment in their own ways.

Recharged and refreshed, time to head out again. There are demons out there in the world, but you’re on the side of the angels, and they’re watching out for you. Even so…

never drop your guard.

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Andrew Steele

Dreamer, Husband, Father, Writer, Web App Developer. In that order.

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