Who knew I'd love Tennesse? Gatlinburg glory.

August 27th, 2013, 1pm

A cabin on the edge of the Smokey Mountains

6 days with co-workers

Ran through a field catching fireflies

Climbed the side of a tacky plastic goblin castle

Sampled many varieties of moonshine

Heard tales of Dolly Parton’s imposed power of the people of this valley

Climbed the world’s largest rubber ball

Witnessed crumbling trailers in multi-generational “Hollers”

Skipped and giggled through a multi-level mini-golf course built into a hillside - in the dark, at midnight

Google hangout with a beautiful man in Ireland who was recently named one of Forbes Magazines’ 20 under 20 (or top 5 to watch, or something)

Threatened by a crazy lady who thought her boyfriend was flirting with me (she later came back and apologized, insinuating she knew nothing was up she just wanted to make him angry)

Google hangout with some amazing women discussing women in tech and social change and mission driven businesses

Glorious star-gazing from the hot tub on the cabin deck

Spoke to a multitude of self-proclaimed hillbillies who believed in renewable energy: Some even mentioned how they used to power their barns of of hog poop.

Ran the entire length of the Chicago O’Hare airport barefoot

Just off the plane from Tennessee - in awe of the culture shock one can derive within ones own country.

Hopped immediately onto bicycle, back in Pdx.

Riverfront ride at night: Homeless man with a beautiful voice, a guitar and a banjo

Hundreds of very preppy youth who all look alike fill the park at midnight. They stand in groups of 3 or 4, measured laughter. There are not a few hundred people in Portland that look this way. I ask: “what’s going on here?” After three repeat responses of “Oh… just hanging out.” Fear sets in. I may be in a horror movie. Very “Children of the Corn” - but older. Finally: “This is a Christian Russian Youth Conference” comes from one boys’ mouth, in a thick accent.

Mystery cleared, pedaling home.

Cassie said thanks.

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Lindsay Caron

Hike, bike, run, climb, dance, sing, volunteer, organize, create, debate, smile, skip, summit, ski, swim, sing some more! Tech startups for social change!! Used to write, organize festivals, documentaries... www.Activatehub.org, About.Me/LindsayCaron

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