So there we were laying on the top of the mountain,in each others arms, watching the sun goes down...

May 2nd, 2014, 9pm

It was almost 5pm when I walked trough the narrow path to get to your little cottage, there was a beautiful melody in the air and I knew it was you playing the accordion. As I walked inside the small house it felt like entering your world, there was so much of you in every single detail of it. Carefully puted away the accordion and got an old bag with some water and a mat. We kept walking for a few minutes through the woods that you knew so well, and along the way you told me about your life and how this place became your home. You holded my hand as we tried to go up the hill with certain hurry before the sun goes down, but my shoes wasn’t the most apropriate and you laughed because in your eyes I was a delicate lady, wearing pearl earrings and a wild heart.

When we finally got up the hill I was mesmerized and the words and thoughts of my busy mind seemed to boil away. I opened my mat and sat under the small tree without many leaves, there was so much peace in my heart in that moment, completeded embraced by nature. You layed on the floor and passed your hand around my waist - my eyes were fixed in the red tons of the sky. Then I layed in your arm and I felt home… there we were under the twilight, the heavens painted in yellow and red, the wind was calm and peaceful just like my breath, my hands on your heart felt the life in its purest form. We remained in a comfortable silence until the moon took place in the sky where onced stood the sun, and the clouds dissapeared giving room to the stars to shine.

Craig, Shu and Christine said thanks.

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Mariana Lordello

traveller. eternal wanderlust. explorer. caffeine addicted. writing my way through life...

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