NYC Traffic - just as expensive real estate...

August 9th, 2013, 11pm

It was 26.1°C. The breeze was light.

Union Square comes to a screeching halt - like a fixie braking.

People blur away like pouring water over a Matisse. The menagerie melts. Sun hangs low.

Rain drops get louder and heavier. They pelt the skin of the yellow steel animal I’m trapped within, a moment only Jonah could’ve imagined inside the whale.

Then sounds fade away. Sirens of the road (and the sidewalks) pause, waiting with bated breath. Traffic lights blink forgetfully like the first drop of water in a baby’s eyes during its first bath; it’s not sure what quite to do.

Moon hangs in abeyance unwilling to awake almost like an old man getting up from an afternoon of rocking away in his chair.

Then it all breaks away like dropping a million plates on a concrete floor. The traffic moves and the beads of sweat rush all at once blinding my eyes at the swift acceleration of the cab… There in that moment frozen in time is a real estate of time that is more expensive than space…

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Sam Jp

Bits and pixels and trouble @designerfund. Now traveling to a city near you... Currently live in SF.

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