Playing Johann Sebastian Joust with teammates. Too much fun!

July 17th, 2013, 6pm

It was 23°C with scattered clouds. The wind was light.

From the game website: “Johann Sebastian Joust is a no-graphics, digitally-enabled playground game for 2 to 7 players, designed for motion controllers such as the PlayStation Move. The goal is to be the last player remaining. When the music — selections from J.S. Bach’s ‌‌Brandenburg Concertos — plays in slow-motion, the controllers are extremely sensitive to movement. When the music speeds up, this threshold becomes less strict, giving the players a small window to dash at their opponents.”

Developed by Die Gute Fabrik JSJ is a fresh experience and a really fun party game where you have to set your own rules for a custom experience.

If you come in Turin let me know, I will be really pleased to play with you. For more info see A single video worts more than 1000 words.

Chris said thanks.

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Marco Lago

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